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Refrigeration EquipmentRefrigeration Equipment Potato Peeler
SIRMAN Potato Peeler.

Please contact us for more information.
Model: PP 4 ECO
Potato peeler, Capacity 4 kg
300 W / 0.4 HP
ART: 40282002, Electricity : 230/50/1

Model: PP 8 EXPO
Potato peeler, Capacity 8 kg
500 W / 0.7 HP
ART: 40303002, Electricity : 230/50/1

Model: PPJ 10 SC
Potato peeler, Capacity 10 kg
735 W / 1 Hp
ART: 41102002W, Electricity : 230/50/1

Model: PPJ 20 SC
Potato peeler, Capacity 20 kg
1102 W / 1.5HP
ART: 41102002W, Electricity : 230-400/50/1

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